My name is Katie Miness. I am a wife, mother of two, and a tennis instructor who is trying to get delicious, nutritious meals on my family’s table.  I look to share my passion for all things food with you; I hope you like it.  My cooking philosophy is keep it simple, fresh, and flavorful.  I do have the tall task of feeding a two-year-old, a sometimes picky husband, and now, my 6 month old, so anything that satisfies this bunch is a win in my recipe book.

The recipes that I share have been in my family for generations and I am excited to share them with you.  I have so many food influences, too many to list now, but I hope to introduce you to all of them along the way.  Thanks for following…Enjoy your meals!





  1. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for the follow back. Did you have trouble following me? I am having comments from some bloggers saying they can’t find a follow button on my site. Some are able to follow and some can’t for some reason. Those chocolate chip cookies look delicious! Dumb diet haha


    1. Hi SweetLittleThang! Yes, I did have trouble following you at first, but I was determined to follow you because I love your blog and your amazing attention to dessert detail. I don’t remember how I started following you through wordpress, but I will play around and get back to you. I do know it took some searching. Okay. Off to play around and let you know how I was able to follow you. T
      hank you for subscribing to my site!!!
      I’ll be in touch.


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